Discover the range of insulated Ondulit sandwich panels.


Sandwich Panels

Scegliere i pannelli sandwich Ondulit significa migliorare l’impatto ambientale degli edifici.

Pannello Ondulit Coverpan sandwich coibentato


Multi-layered insulating panel for non-continuous roofs.

Pannello Ondulit Coverpan Mono sandwich coibentato

CoverPan Mono

Insulating single-sheet panel with multi-layered protection for continuous supports.

Pannello Ondulit Coverpan Agri sandwich coibentato

CoverPan Agri

Multi-layered fiberglass insulating panel for zootechnics.

Pannello Ondulit OndulPan sandwich coibentato


Insulating panel with both corrugated outer surface and multi-layered protection.

Pannello Ondulit CoverPiù sandwich coibentato


Insulating and micro-ventilated panel with multi-layered protection.

Pannello Ondulit CoverPiù Mono sandwich coibentato

CoverPiù Mono

Insulating single-sheet panel, micro-ventilated with multi-layered protection.

Pannello Ondulit CoverPiù Curvabile sandwich coibentato

CoverPiù Bendable

Bendable, insulating, and micro-ventilated panel.

Pannello Ondulit CoverTilePan sandwich coibentato


Insulating panel with tile-like outer surface with multi-layered protection.