Sandwich Panel

CoverPiù Bendable

Bendable, insulated and ventilated panel

Self-centring, microventilated and soundproofed single-sheet panel for variable radius roofing.

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CoverPiù Curvabile
Pannello centinabile, isolante e microventilato

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Simplified transportation

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Adaptable to roofings

with variable radius

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Inexpensive to transport and easy to install

CoverPiù Bendable

Technical data sheet

  1. Steel cover sheet with multilayer protection

  2. Shaped insulation in expanded polystyrene sintered with graphite

  3. Internal coating with centesimal foil in Embossed Aluminum (centesimal foil in Aluminum-Polyester)

  4. Ventilation channels

Find out all the compatible finishes and accessories in the dedicated section or downloading the available materials.

Available finishing

GR – Grey RAL 7023, W – Off White RAL 9002, N – Natural Alluminium, T – Terracotta – RAL 8004, Q – Patina Green


Insulated and ventilated multi-layered Deck Panel consisting of:

(1) Covering element in metal sheets, CE marked according to UNI EN 14782, consisting of a structural galvanized steel sheet (EN 10346) with a thickness of 0.50 mm (or 0.40 mm) protected in the upper face by an anticorrosive and soundproofing thermoplastic coating (about 1.5 mm thick) and a natural aluminum foil (or pre-painted aluminum), and in the lower face by a bituminous primer and a natural aluminum foil. To ensure the stability of the performance characteristics over time, the protection with an anticorrosive and soundproofing function, of a thickness of about 1.5 mm, must be positioned on the extrados of the sheet.


(2) Shaped insulating element in sintered expanded polystyrene with improved lambda closed cells containing graphite (reaction to fire Euroclass E, EPS 100);


3) Internal coating with centesimal foil in Embossed Aluminum (centesimal foil in Aluminum-Polyester).

The covering element (1) and the inner lining (3) have a continuous transversal marking. The covering element (1) must project at least 5 cm into the eaves in order to protect the head of the insulating panel (2); between the covering element (1) and the insulating layer (2) there are ventilation channels that allow free air circulation. The micro-ventilation of the panel reduces the thermal load to the extrados of the insulation, improving the internal environmental comfort, moreover it avoids the excessive overheating of the covering determining for the insulation and for the upper slab some more favorable working conditions for one of them reliability over time.

The panel is able to be bent on site on curved structures


The roofing system ensures the following performances:


Reaction to fire:

– Class 1 – 2 – EPS 40 – 50 mm

– Class 1 – 1 – EPS 60 – 100 – 130 – 160 mm

Fire performance from outside:

BRoof T3 class (UNI EN 13501-5; UNI CEN / TS 1187)

Thermal transmittance:

0,32 W/m20,32 W/m 2 K for 100 mm thickness; 0,25 W/m 2 K for 130 mm thickness;

0,20 W/m20,20 W/m 2 K for 160 mm thickness.

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI):

Natural Aluminum (N) 107%; Aluminum color: Off White RAL 9002 (W) 73%; Gray RAL 7023 (GR) 42.6%; Terracotta RAL8004 (T) 37.6%; (ASTM E1980-11).

Bending capacity:

Straight panel with the ability to bend over structures with a minimum radius of 15 m