Sandwich panels


Sandwich panel for discontinuous structures

CoverPan is the high concentrated load resistance sandwich panel. The multi-layer sheet on top enhances soundproofing and durability. The EPS insulation ensures thermal comfort.

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CoverPan Ondulit è il pannello coibentato

Distinctive features of CoverPan

Alta pedonabilità

High concentrated load resistance

Acoustic soundproofing

High corrosion resistance

Thermal comfort

EPS Insulation


The roofing system ensures the following performances:


Reaction to fire:

B, s2-d0

UNI EN 13501-1; EN 13823; EN ISO 11925-2

Fire forformance from outside:

BRoof T3

UNI EN 13501-5; UNI CEN/TS 1187

Thermal transmittance:

0,32 W/m2 K for 90 mm thickness

0,27 W/m2 K for 110 mm thickness

0,22 W/m2 K for 130 mm thickness

0,19 W/m2 K for 150 mm thickness

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI):

External surface:

Natural aluminium surfacing (N) 107%

Colored Aluminum:

Off White RAL 9002 (W) 73%
Grey RAL 7023 (GR) 42,6%
Terracotta RAL 8004 (T) 37,6%
ASTM E1980-11


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Il pannello ideale per l’isolamento termo-acustico

Nell’edilizia pubblica o in contesti di gestione immobiliare (SGR) è necessario scegliere soluzioni di copertura che garantiscano benessere abitativo e risparmio nel tempo. CoverPiù assicura comfort termico ed isolamento acustico. Certificato BRoofT3, è il supporto ideale per impianti fotovoltaici.