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Cover Tray

The Cover Tray is a lightweight, versatile, sustainable and certified structural support, which can be used on both roofs and walls.

Cover Tray

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Ideal for high-performance layering solutions in buildings

Cover Tray

Technical data sheet

Learn more about how to integrate Cover Tray into Ondulit solutions.

Available sizes

Cod.0001 – B: 500 cm H: 80 cm, Cod.0002 – B: 600 cm H: 80 cm, Cod.0003 – B: 500 cm H: 100 cm, Cod.0004 – B: 600 cm H: 100 cm, Cod.0005 – B: 500 cm H: 145 cm, Cod.0006 – B: 600 cm H: 145 cm, Cod.0007 – B: 500 cm H: 180 cm, Cod.0008 – B: 600 cm H: 180 cm.