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Ondulit has been designing and manufacturing roofing systems since 1953.
Technology, experience and know-how distinguish us.

Our Technical Department and our Sales Managers are able to identify roofing solutions that suit any technical and design need, ensuring comfort and savings over time.
In the manufacturing of our Ondulit sheets we use cutting-edge technology to ensure the steel multilayer protection.

Thanks to our production process, the different components of the multilayer system – steel, aluminium and our plastic compound – are integrated to create a roofing material that is light, compact, resistant and indestructible.
The consistently excellent results of our roofing material allow our Ondulit-Coverib systems to fulfill even the most demanding operating conditions.

Resistance to corrosion, in addition to thermal and acoustic comfort, are the key assets that enhance quality of life and save money for those who live under our roofs.

Our Ondulit-Coverib roofing materials are the only multilayer sheets that offer certified durability and the proper stratification required by the standard EN 14782:2006 to obtain a CE marking.

Additionally, our products guarantee up to 30 years of impermeability, an essential roof function. This warranty is not affected by such factors as the building’s dimensions or altitude. Furthermore, the warranty does not require special periodic maintenance, nor does it distinguish between industrial and residential buildings.


1. Upholding our values and improving our identity (in progress)

  • Investments on the production lines, ensuring the the constancy of the production parameters e maximum control of production
  • Stringent qualification of raw material
  • Update of products’ technical requirements with the involvment of all business functions
  • Delegation system
  • Product range developing
  • Website
  • New design software available to the client

2. Reorganization and and professionalization of the business

  •  Reorganization and and professionalization of the business.

3. Research and development

  • We have worked towards the creation of a high performing, innovative roofing product with state-of-the-art features.
  • Our teams have undergone the study of new profiles, with the best mechanical resistance performance in mind.
  • We have achieved a substantial increase in energy performance for our multilayer technology, as compared to the pre-painted sheet (metal sheet or panel) in “cool roof” technologies.
  • We actively strive to protect our environment, and hold our products to Italy’s CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria)

4. Commercial strategy

  • We are expanding the product range both in the roofing sector and in the accessories field
  • We are branching out into the international markets and maintaining our presence within the most important sectors
  • We have implemented new initiatives to thrive in the Italian market
  • We are working on regular collaborations with the Public Administration.

Ondulit commits to

  • meet the customer’s requests
  • respect all employees
  • improve its impact on the environment and prevent pollution
  • comply with  appropriate rules and regulations
  • prevent risks with regard to health and safety of all workers

This policy

  • encompasses all aspects of our organization
  • provides a structural framework to establish and review objectives
  • is shared and understood within the organization
  • is revised annually
  • is made available to the public

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