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Integrated system for transforming flat roofs into pitched roofs

This solution solves the critical issues linked to flat roofs. It makes it possible to dispose of rainwater externally, thereby avoiding infiltration. This modular, lightweight system improves the energy efficiency of the building.

Main advantages

  1. It guarantees impermeability by regulating the runoff of rainwater.
  2. It increases the energy efficiency of the building by transforming a flat roof into an insulated and ventilated roof.
  3. The on-site management of the system is fast and clean and does not interfere with the activities taking place inside the building.
  4. A lightweight system.
  5. Ondulit multilayer technology ensures durability.
  6. It is an EN 1090:1-2009 + A1:2011 certified system.
  7. It preserves the architectural appearance of the building’s facade.
  8. It can be adapted to roofs of any shape and roofing with any form of layering.

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A lightweight, walkable, certified system. It preserves the building’s structure

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