Solution 5

Stratigraphy on double ventilation wooden floor slab with Ondulit/Coverib multilayer protective sheet as top surface

Solution for wooden floor slab with beams and joists supporting wooden planking on the soffit. Double layer of ventilation below the multilayer sheet as a watertight element and above the insulating layers. Double layer of thermal insulation to stagger the joints, avoiding thermal bridges.

Main advantages

  1. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance.
  2. High mechanical strength.
  3. Reduction of heat input to the building thanks to the double ventilation chamber (chimney effect) and the high reflective power and thermal emittance of the sheet.
  4. Efficiency from a hygrometric viewpoint: the second ventilation chamber guarantees the absence of interstitial condensation.
  5. Ease of connection with exposed elements or skylights.
  6. Free use of high-performance mineral wool or wood fibre insulation (NO PUR).
  7. The presence of a waterproof membrane to protect the insulating layer guarantees its durability, health and constant thermal performance over time.
  8. Stratigraphy that reflects the following requirements:
    – very thick insulating layer without thermal bridges
    – internal airtightness (guaranteed by the first sheet placed on the planking)
    – wind resistance (guaranteed by the second sheet placed over the insulating layer).

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Roof composition

Technical data sheet

  1. Fixing system of a self-drilling screw and gasket
  2. Multilayer protection Coverib sheet
  3. Wooden strip
  4. Ventilation layer with wooden strip 3
  5. Waterproof membrane
  6. Raw wood plank
  7. Raw wood plank
  8. Breathable membrane
  9. Insulating material + wood plank
  10. High density insulating layer
  11. Vapour barrier
  12. Wooden planking
  13. Wooden beam
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