Our roofings are the ideal structure for photovoltaic systems

Why choose the multilayer technology for a photovoltaic system?

Ondulit roofings

are cool

Ondulit sheets and panels are equipped with cool roof technology. We do use special and innovative finishings that guarantee a high solar reflectance and keep a low temperature of the roofing, as compared to the other products on the market.

Mechanical resistance

and thermal expansion

Our multilayer technology, thanks to its steel core, makes all Ondulit’s roofings solutions very resistant to loads, endowing them with high mechanical resistance. In addition, the combination of the steel with the plastic materials and the aluminium make sure that the multilayer sheet is not subject to thermal expansion.


hooking system

Because our roofings are designed to correspond with photovoltaic systems, we have developed a specific line of products to attach the photovoltaic modules to our roofs: Easy-fix. This is the hooking system that completes a Ondulit roofing, making it ideal for any photovoltaic module.


Do you need to install a system up to XX kWatt?

Contact us to know what is the ideal roof design for you.


Do you need to build a system for more than XX kWatt?

With systems that require more than XX kWatt, we will assist you not only with the roof design, but also with the photovoltaic system.

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