Smart Drain

System of continuous coverage for low slopes.

To create roofing for low slopes, Smart Drain is the metal sheet that ensures complete impermeability with no maintenance costs.

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Ribbed, elastic, light and without holes

Smart Drain

Technical data sheet

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Available finishing

B – Blue RAL 5010; W – Off White RAL 9002; V – Dark Green RAL 6005; R – Red Ral 8017; A – Silver RAL 9006; D – Slate Grey – RAL 7016; S* – Oxide Red – RAL 3009


Smart_Drain is a waterproof and seamless metal roofing system with a double draining joint. No holes, seals or transverse overlap.

The system is made up of metal sheets – Natural (or pre-varnished) Aluminum, 5754 H18/28, thickness 0,70 mm (or 0,80 mm) or Zinc-plated, prepainted Steel, thickness 0,6, with a CE marking, UNI EN 14782. The system is made up of single sheets fitted to the roof’s length. Width: 540 mm, Rib Width: 46 mm, stiffened by a transversal micro-ribbing.

The sheets are fixed onto the substructure, using Stainless Steel AISI 304 2B/BA brackets, thickness 1,5 mm, covered in PVC to guarantee easy movement during thermal expansion.

The fastening of the sheets to the brackets works through a click system with five places of restraint. This is to guarantee both resistance to increasing forces and easy movement of the sheets during thermal expansion.

The system is perfectly waterproof—even at low slopes—thanks to the absence of holes, to the presence of a dual overlapping drainage channel and the fact that the edges of the sheet on top are bent, forming a 90 degrees angle.


The roofing element meets the following performance requirements:


Roof walkability

Concentrated load – UNI EN 14782 Appendix B

1,2 Kn – span 2,40 m.

Reaction to Fire:

A1 (EN 14782 – EN 13501-1)