Corrugated profile, made of multilayer protection steel.

With our Ondulit sheet, it is possible to build resistant and durable roofing. It is easy to use on both straight and curved pitches. Thanks to its very pleasant appearance, this profile is often used also on the façade.

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Technical data sheet

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Available finishing

B – Blue, D – Slate Grey – RAL 7012, GR – Grey RAL 7023, VM – Medium Green Pantone, W – Off White RAL 9002, N – Natural Alluminium, R – Red, S – Oxide Red – RAL 3009, T -Terracotta – RAL 8004, Q – Patina Green, C – Electrolytic Copper

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Multilayer Metal Sheet ONDULIT with a corrugated profile, CE marked according to UNI EN 14782. Appendix A: complies with UNI EN 508-1 Appendix B: consisting of a structural galvanized steel sheet (EN 10346) with a thickness of 0,60 mm (ie mm 0,50 or 0,80) protected in the upper face by an anticorrosive and soundproofing thermoplastic coating (about 1.5 mm thick) and by a natural aluminum foil (or pre-painted aluminum, or electrolytic copper), and in the lower face by a primer and a natural aluminum foil (or prepainted aluminum).

The external layers wrap the side edges of the sheets along the entire length to guarantee their full protection. To ensure the characteristics stability performances over time, the protection with anticorrosive and soundproofing function, has a thickness of about 1.5 mm and it is positioned on the P= 192 extrados of the sheet.


The cover element ensures the following performance requirements:


Concentrated loads resistance:

ON5 1,2 kN span 1,35 m – ON6 Lu 1,2 = 773 kN span 1,80 m – ON8 1,2 kN span 2,00 m (EN 14782 Appendice B)

Reaction to fire:

Class B-s1, d0 (UNI EN 13501-1; EN 13823; EN ISO 11925-2)

Performances to external fire:

Class BRoof T3 (UNI EN 13501-5; UNI CEN/TS 1187)

Durability – Salt spray resistance:

4000 hours (UNI EN 14782 – ISO 9227)

Durability – Humidity resistance:

3000 hours (UNI EN 14782 – EN ISO 6270-1)

Durability – SO2 resistance:

45 cycles (UNI EN 14782 – EN ISO 6988)

Sound insulation:

28 dB (UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010)

Sound deadening of noise generated by driving rain:

ISTEDIL cert. N°1302/202-G 1302/202-C

8,41 times higher than a mm 0,7 mm thick aluminium sheet

4,17 times higher than a sandwich panel with 40 mm

insulation 52,3 dB UNI EN ISO 140-18 Lu

Solar Reflectance Index (SRI):

Natural aluminium surfacing (N)107%; Off White RAL 9002 (W) 73,0%; Grey RAL 7023 (GR) 42,6%; Terracotta RAL 8004 (T) 37,6%; Blue (B) 37,3 %; Medium Green, (VM) 35,6%; Red RAL 8016 (R) 35,2%; Slate Grey RAL 7012 (D) 34,3%; Oxide Red RAL 3009 (S) 33,4%; (ASTM E1980-11).

Summer thermal transmittance:

1,07 W/m2K (ISO 6946) with natural aluminium lower surfacing